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  • U.S.-backed forces capture big gas field in Syria's Deir al-Zor: senior commander
    By Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN (Reuters) - U.S.-backed forces said on Saturday they had seized a major natural gas field in Syria's Deir al-Zor province from Islamic State militants in rapid advances since the start of an operation earlier this month to capture areas east of the Euphrates river. Commander Ahmed Abu Khawla told Reuters that the Conoco gas field was the first of its kind taken by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias, since it began an offensive earlier this month to capture the eastern province.
  • The Radioactive Puppies Of Chernobyl Are Finally Getting The Help They Need
    A viral video this week sheds light on a heart-rending situation: The radioactive puppies and dogs of Chernobyl.
  • Dog Hoards Money So She Can Pay For Treats Herself
    Holly the dog doesn’t beg for treats — she pays for them.
  • New 6.2-magnitude quake sows panic in Mexico City
    A strong 6.2-magnitude quake shook Mexico on Saturday, causing panic in traumatized Mexico City, where rescuers trying to free people trapped from this week's earlier earthquake had to suspend work. "This time we didn't feel the ground move... maybe since the last one we're getting used to them," said Pablo Martinez, who had run out of his central apartment block with his 6-year-old daughter in his arms. At some Mexico City sites rescue workers were still discussing whether to return to their task of trying to reach survivors of Tuesday's quake believe to be buried under debris in three sites in the city.
  • Mexico earthquake: Strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico City, monitor says
    A powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake has hit Mexico City, a Mexican monitoring body has said, and there are reports from witnesses of buildings shaking. The United States Geological Survey said that the earthquake was an aftershock from a previous quake, and that already vulnerable buildings could be in danger of collapse from previous damage. “I was frightened because I thought, not again!” Alejandra Castellanos, who was on the second floor in a central neighbourhood of the city, told the Associated Press.
  • Police Shootings Are Killing Latinos
    Latinos involved in police shootings have been widely underrepresented in the past few years.
  • Marriott refuses to cancel conference booking by anti-Muslim hate group
    The Marriot hotel group are refusing to cancel an event organised by one of the largest anti-Muslim groups in America. ACT for America was launched as a response to the 9/11 attacks and it has been accused of existing “to advance anti-Muslim legislation and spread hate speech,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group, which claims to have 750,000 members and 1,000 volunteer groups, is holding its national two-day conference on 2 October in Arlington, Virginia, at the Marriott Crystal Gateway hotel.
  • Fires rage in Rakhine as Myanmar army blames Rohingya for mosque blast
    Myanmar's army chief on Saturday blamed Rohinyga militants for an explosion outside a mosque in Rakhine state, as a rights group accused the military of starting fires in the region to prevent refugees from returning. The unrest comes days after Myanmar's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi declared troops had ceased "clearance operations" in the border area that have forced more than 430,000 Rohingya refugees to flee for Bangladesh in under a month. The army claims it is targeting Rohingya militants who attacked police posts on August 25.

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