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  • Trump open to dropping healthcare provision in Senate tax bill: aide
    By Lucia Mutikani and Valerie Volcovici WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump would not insist on including repeal of an Obama-era health insurance mandate in a bill intended to enact the biggest overhaul of the tax code since the 1980s, a senior White House aide said on Sunday. The version of tax legislation put forward by Senate Republican leaders would remove a requirement in former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law that taxes Americans who decline to buy health insurance. "If we can repeal part of Obamacare as part of a tax bill ... that can pass, that's great," White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.
  • Disturbing video shows dying WWII vet was neglected in nursing home
    James Dempsey, 89, of Woodstock, Ga., died in 2014 at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. At first it appeared the decorated veteran of World War II had died of natural causes. And then his family watched the footage on a hidden camera they had put in his room.
  • Three Major Alabama Newspapers Urge Voters To 'Reject' Roy Moore
    Three of Alabama’s largest newspapers owned by the same company on Sunday urged voters to “stand for decency” and “reject” Alabama Republican Roy Moore in the state’s Dec. 12 Senate special election.
  • Mugabe given until noon Monday to quit as President of Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe's ruling party fired Robert Mugabe as its leader on Sunday and gave the 93-year-old less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment, an attempt to force a peaceful end to his 37 years in power after a de facto coup.
  • Rare white moose saved from hunters in Sweden after police u-turn
    A rare white moose’s life has been saved in Sweden after a decision to allow hunters to kill it was overturned. The magnificent moose, named Ferdinand, gained worldwide media attention in August after local politician Hans Nilsson captured him swimming on camera in Värmland, western Sweden. “It was an awesome moment being alone with this incredible animal. Having had that experience, I could not believe that someone would to kill him,” he told The Telegraph.  The elk became a potential target for hunters after police blamed the animal for an attack on a jogger on 6 November. A rare white moose has been saved from hunters in Sweden Credit: Hans Nilsson  “The moose has had two turbulent weeks. It started with a young woman who was out jogging with two dogs attached to a leash around her waist,” Mr Nilsson says. “When they met the moose, the dogs began barking. The moose wanted to defend himself and attacked the dogs. The woman fell to the ground and dislocated her shoulder.” In response to the incident, police “decided to allow local hunters to shoot the moose, claiming that it was a danger to people,” he explains. Mr Nilsson started a petition to protect the moose and it gained more than 14,000 signatures in just a few days. “I was very upset since I knew it is a harmless animal,” he adds. “Luckily, none of the local hunters wanted to kill it.” The nature photographer said the police reversed their decision due to the backlash: “The moose is no longer considered dangerous to humans. The moose is safe and can continue to live in his habitat in western Värmland. “Out of 400, 000 moose in Sweden, maybe 100 of them are white,” he adds. “Most of them live in this area. They are not albino. They have a genetic defect called leucism. They cannot store pigment. “It is very important that we preserve all the white moose so that they can continue to live in the Swedish forests.” Rare white giraffe spotted in Tanzania could be ‘target’ for poachers
  • Netanyahu to meet France's Macron on Lebanon crisis
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris in early December for talks expected to include developments in Lebanon, Netanyahu's office said on Sunday. In a phone call on Sunday, "President Macron updated Prime Minister Netanyahu with the measures he is taking in the crisis in Lebanon," it said in a Hebrew-language statement.
  • Hunter mutilated in bear attack has face rebuilt in pioneering surgery 
    A hunter left disfigured from a near-fatal bear attack has had his face rebuilt after undergoing months of surgeries. Lee Brooke’s nose and moustache were “ripped off” his face during the grizzly attack during a hunting trip in Wyoming in October last year. The 60-year-old told FOX 31 he came across an elk he had shot the day before on his excursion, but quickly realised a bear had already claimed the kill. He turned to leave when the bear suddenly attacked, knocking him unconscious. When he woke he found the aggressive animal standing over him. Mr Brooke recalled the shock of seeing his “nose and moustache laid out on the ground”, adding: “Now I knew what was wrong with my face.” He underwent months of surgeries  Credit: FOX31 Denver (KDVR-TV) He explained: “I felt her sniffing my cheek. I felt her whiskers. “I should’ve bled to death right there. I should’ve at least drowned on my blood.” With blood in his eyes blurring his vision, he managed to reach for a steak knife in his pocket, later joking: “I don’t know that I would have been brave enough to stab her if I could see her. “I had to lean in to stab her in the head. So I was [that] close to her nose.” He spent around an hour alone in the woods before help arrived, recalling: “I said ‘Lord I could do with a little help about now!’” His brother-in-law, George Neal, eventually found him and remembered seeing Lee’s torn-off nose and upper lip on the ground. He grabbed the body parts and stuffed them in Lee's pocket before calling 911. He said the bear “ripped his face right off”. A wild bear (not pictured) attacked him in Wyoming Credit: AP Mr Brooke underwent months of reconstructive surgery at the Swedish Medical Center’s Burn and Reconstructive Unit in Colorado. Dr Benson Pulikkottil and Dr Lily Daniali removed a fibula and a flap of skin from his leg, then used the bone and skin to rebuild his face. Doctors will eventually reconstruct his nose, possibly even using a part of his own nose they managed to preserve. “They were so confident and compassionate and communicated really well back and forth,” said Mr Brooke. “Everybody was phenomenal. They built me up and never let me down. They’re the best of the best.” Woman’s yoga session interrupted by bear licking her neck  
  • World Toilet Day
    World Toilet Day is about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Today, 4.5 billion people live without a household toilet that safely disposes of their waste.

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