Fort Myers Beach Property Homesteading

The official deadline for filing for Homestead or other exemptions for tax year 2011 was March 1, 2011. Late filed applications will be accepted at the Property Appraiser’s Office after this deadline and reviewed to determine your eligibility for the appropriate tax year.

You may late file your homestead or portability application after the March 1 timely filing deadline by mail or in person. In order to qualify, your Florida Driver’s License and Lee County Voter Registration ID # (or Domicile) must be issued to you no later than April 1, 2011. These documents must show the residence address as your homestead address in order to qualify. Late filed applications will be accepted up to 25 days after the mailing of the Truth in Millage Notice (TRIM Notice) and will be approved in accordance with Florida law in accordance with statutory requirements and deadlines. If you believe you qualify, do not hesitate to submit your application by mail or in person.

For additional information, contact the Property Appraiser’s Office by phone at 239-533-6150 or email

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